What is CloudSend?

CloudSend is a simple way to send your web data from your web browser to your iPhone or iPod touch. Think of it as copying your data on your computer and pasting it to your mobile device. We went out of our way into getting rid of anything that isn't needed for this app in order for you to quickly access your content. It's fast, painless, and easy to use.



All-new design

Faster, cleaner, lighter. Thanks to Flat Dove and iOS 7, CloudSend is even more simple and beautiful than ever before. It just works.

Powered by CloudApp

CloudApp is the service that makes the it all possible for CloudSend to store your content. It's fast, simple, and it turns out it's the perfect companion for CloudSend. (Please note that a CloudApp account is required for CloudSend. Please click here to sign up.)

Share your content

We all love to share with others. That's why CloudSend makes it super easy to do so. And with the new WhatsApp integration, one tap is all you need for all your WhatsApp friends to see.

You can send...


CloudSend is great for when you need to finish reading an article that you starting reading on your computer. It's also great for when you want to quickly bookmark something that you just want to look at on your mobile device. Because of it's simple interface, you can quickly get to it in a few taps -- a lot less cumbersome then emailing it to yourself.


YouTube videos

CloudSend is also perfect for those times when you need to finish watching a YouTube video. With CloudSend, all you need to do is to just drag and drop the link to your menu bar.


Google Maps

Need to go somewhere? If you already started to search for directions on Google Maps, wouldn't it be easier to just send that link onto your iPhone or iPod touch and let it do it for you? CloudSend makes that possible.


Phone numbers

Do you need to call someone? If their number is displayed on your computer screen, then CloudSend can help! Instead of typing it manually, just drag and drop, open CloudSend, and tap. It will automatically go to the Phone app and will call the number immediately (iPod touch users will have the number in the Contacts app.


You have more options

CloudSend let’s you do more then saving items for later. You can also copy your link to the clipboard and paste it wherever you like. You can also expand for a better view of your item. You can even share your link to your friends via social networks like Facebook and Twitter, or to messaging services, like iMessage and WhatsApp. Overtime, we will update CloudSend with even more features, so you can get your work done faster.

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CloudApp: CloudSend's partner-in-crime 

CloudSend is powered by CloudApp, a service that allows you to send and share your data across the web. With it's simplicity and reliability, it turns out that CloudApp becomes the prefect companion for CloudSend. In order for CloudSend to fully work, you will need to download and install CloudApp, which is available in the Mac App Store, or FluffyApp for Windows users. They are both free, easy to download, and easy to use.



We are constantly trying to make this app better. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us!

Ready to download CloudSend?

Download the CloudApp app for Mac or Windows here.

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